Tuesday, June 21, 2011

YAUJ-ICFPC2011 Specification

    Language Support for the Submissions 

    for the user "yauj",
    • python is /usr/bin/python2, which is python 2.7.2
    • ruby is ruby 1.9.2p180
    • for F# and other .NET based subissions, we have mono runtime environemnt installed.
    • for java, Sun's jre is installed.

    League Table Format
    Written in haste during the contest, the judge output is minimalistic and includes some tricks I must explain for. Each submission is matched as player0 to every other submission being player1. For the table element for each match, name on the left is player0 and name at the top is player1. It shows three lines:

    601/1 Score Fraction
    242:0 Survivors
    494  Turns

    The denominator of the score fraction is incremented when the match has started. The numerator of the score fraction is incremented when the match is finished, and 100 times the score earned by player0 is added. So, "0/0" means the match is not yet scheduled; "0/1" means that either match is running or something has crashed so that the client failed to report the match result; "1/1" or greater means that the match is finished and is reported to the server.

    The survivors and turns are those reported from the official ltg simulator. The survivors line saying "-1:-1" indicates the official simulator reported invalid output. This may indicate that the submitted program was terminated by failure to execute, wrong output format, timeout, etc... , or bug in my judge system, or...

    For the total score element (rightmost in the league table) the numerator is sum of the numerators from the match elements, and the denominator is 100 times sum of denominators from the match elements, plus one (to avoid division by zero error).

    The ranking table shows the name sorted by the total score element.

    Yet Another Unofficial Judge for ICFP Contest 2011

    is here  http://www.paraiso-lang.org/Walpurgisnacht/
    At the moment it's provided "as is", it's just a quickly made system for our team's internal match during ICFP contest 2011. It uses different OS (ArchLinux). Some solutions may fail to execute. Surely at some point, I have to make transit to virtual machine.